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HRS Computer Services

235 E. Broadway

Glenwood, AR.  71943

Call us at (870)356-6330 if you want a performing computer with top of the line service.

Get your Client ID here for Remote Internet Repair Service now available over your high speed connection!

Internet Service Specials:

56K V.92 Modem or Nic Card:  34.95 installed

We can build your business or personal website on our own dedicated servers and in most cases have you going in less than 48 hours.


Domains............30.00 per year

Web Hosting.......12.00 per month

Web Development....to your specifications.


Genica 108 Key Keyboards.......15.95

Keio Optical Mice......................16.95

40 Gig Western Digital 7200 RPM Drive......74.95

2.1 Multimedia Sound System........39.95

Microsoft XP Home........................105.45

and many other great buys!


Be sure to mention you saw it HERE

 for this pricing when you call!

We build systems to your specifications.  Need a quality system at a very very competitive price, come see us at our new store location at:


HRS Books and Computer Services

235 E. Broadway

Glenwood, AR.  71943





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